Spiritual Significance of Haj

All Praise is due to Allah (SWT), the Lord of all the worlds. And may His Choicest Blessings continuously descend on the Noblest of His Creations, Our Master, Mohammed (S.A.W)


In the Glorious Quraan, Allah (S.W.T) draws our attention to the establishment of the 5th Pillar in Islam i.e Haj, in the verse “And complete Haj and Umrah for the Sake of Allah” And yet in another verse He explains the concept which is Haj, by concluding with the remarks “And whatever you do in terms of good, Allah knows it so prepare well, and know that the best of provision is Taqwa (fear of Allah)


Indeed, as the Hadeeth explains, it is a great honor for any Muslim to embark on this life-changing journey and Allah (S.W.T) confers His favors upon us, so too must we understand that the greater the favor, the bigger the responsibility.


Remember O traveler, you are from those who said “Labbaik” to the call of Ibrahim(A.S) and just as He sacrificed to ultimately become the friend of Allah(S.W.T) so too must you. Haj, O traveler is a reminder of the powerful reliance the family of Ibrahim (A.S) displayed on Allah (S.W.T) and like they did, so too must we.
It is a reminder that wealth, family, status and even children are but of secondary importance when compared to Allah (S.W.T). It is a journey which displays humility, subservience and servitude to our Creator and nothing less.
It is this journey that has given birth to new character- a journey which has and will continue to inspire millions to the being which is Allah (S.W.T)


It is the journey of pondering, contemplating, sobbing and change.
It is, O traveler a journey like no other, and ultimately it is the very journey which the Prophet (S.A.W) had undertaken


It is a reminder of the most beautiful, pristine, divine, protected way of life, the world has ever known. At the same time a lesson like no other.
As we travel on this journey and stand on the Plains of Arafat, it must create an understanding that the scenes witnessed in Haj are somewhat similar to the journey of death.


In essence Haj is life-summarized in 5 days and the way these days are spent will be the yardstick for the life that lays ahead, but the way those 5 days are spent depends on the preparations made before.


Remember the reward of an accepted Haj is nothing but Paradise.


May Allah (S.W.T) accept us all.


BY: Moulana Israeel Ismail Choonara

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