At New Heights Travel & Tours we are a dedicated team fully committed to providing the utmost in specialized services, based on our motto, “Nothing Beats the Best…”, to the extent that nothing can be even remotely comparable to our services.


We believe in proving exemplary services in all spheres-luxury coupled with sublime palate. In order to succeed, we commit to grow as a preferred Muslim Organization to serve the Muslim umah of South Africa which allows us to serve the Guest Of Allah (SWT)


To develop, provide and maintain an effective and proactive support to hajjis and mutamireen. Advice and lead guidance to the Muslim Ummah. Deliver sustainable solutions and maintain long term relationship for the future. In order to succeed we maintain to keep our professional services on a high level inshallah. We Deliver services promised to pilgrims as per contract agreements.


With New Heights Travel you will practically feel the comfort and care bestowed. All this is due to our excellence in this avenue. You will feel the difference. Our project is driven by our hajis needs. We pride ourselves on a quality and efficient services that will be rendered to all hajis. In conduction our services are by Allah (SWT) and by our principles which are:



We only operate with highest levels of Integrity giving you and establishment of trust and provide the basis of reliance of our Judgement



Our primary aim and objective is to exhibit the Highest Level of Professional Service to YOU, our valued client.



We do not reveal any confidential information of clients unless authorised Authority such as SAHUC / Haj Ministry / Embassy or Legal obligation to do so.

Why New Heights Travel and Tours?


When you opt for New Heights, you will experience an un-parallel care of hospitality, making you feel that everyone is solely dedicated to serve you and is at your disposal to make your stay calm, peaceful, organized and comfortable.


Through perfection, expertise and quality of the service rendered by New Heights Travel, We have distinctly out-classed those offered by its contemporaries in the field.

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